Saturday, 2 June 2018

The early summer garden

I've spent a lovely restful couple of hours this morning just pottering, tidying and generally absorbing nature, so here is an update on the back garden.

JO recently gave me these roses for my birthday, so they are now on display, along with a rescued fuchsia, just outside the kitchen so I can see them while I'm doing chores.

I purchased a few "reduced" packs of plants for these two pots, also sitting just outside the kitchen - these will look quite splendid in a month or so.

Sunflowers grown from seed. It is my intention to enter these in the "tallest sunflower on Augusta Park" competition later this summer, must remember to keep on feeding them and to keep GD5 well away!

I tidied up this pot and, never having been quite sure if this is a clematis or not, I was delighted to find this flower, which more or less gives the game away. I inherited this pot when I moved into the last house in Warminster 6 years ago, and this is the first year it has flowered, so it must be happy to have been moved to Andover.

Runner bean plants coming on strong . . .

. . . as are tomato plants.

Fig tree looking well loaded, Nigella in full bloom and crocosmia growing strongly.

Please come back next month for another update.