Monday, 9 April 2012

Week 49/52 338-344/365

What a week its been.

 338. Pub car park 

339. Another blanket square swap arrived. 

340. Lots of rain, we sure need it. 

341. Exchanged contracts 6 months to the day after agreeing to sell.

342. Won a DVD, which I shall send to Marissa. 

343. Went to the monthly Farmers Market 

344. A walk along the canal 


karen said...

As you say a busy week and all recorded with a great set of photos. So glad to hear about your moving date. x

Elaine said...

A great set of photos.

Are you sure you don't want to watch that DVD before you give it to Marissa :P

I am so pleased to hear your news about the house move. Six months is an awlfully long time though :(

Eileen said...

Hello Joy, another great set of photographs.

Patricia said...

Lovely photos Joy and a good week too.