Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Flopsy's emergency treatment

Meet Flopsy. This photo was taken when she was just a few days old, and ready to be sent off to USA as a gift for my friend Kate's granddaughter.

Little did I know then that Flopsy would become one of the little girl's favourite things. It was only when Kate came to visit recently that she told me how fond her granddaughter was of Flopsy.

Fast forward just a couple of weeks, and I received a desperate email from Kate's D.I.L., saying that Flopsy had been involved in an accident involving a dog. I had a quick look through my yarn stash, discovered that I still had some of the original yarn both for Flopsy and her dress, so asked for her to be sent back to me. She arrived last Friday, looking rather sorry for herself,

but not beyond repair. Thankfully just her face and her dress had taken the worst of the damage, so straight away I set about knitting a new face.

Some extra stuffing was needed,

double stitching around the aperture to stop any further damage caused by running

then the new face was stitched into place, and compared to the original.

As she was such a well-loved and well-travelled rabbit, she was a bit grubby, so I gave her a bath

and while she dried out in the airing cupboard I set about knitting a replacement dress.

One fully repaired rabbit, now on the first leg of her return journey.

p.s. the parcel is finished using one of the dots and spots range of tapes, they are just fab, why not take a look?


Jean said...

Is that Pheonix or Dots and Spots tape?

joy said...

It's dots and spots, I'll add a link
Joy xx

Issy Goode said...

Flopsy certainly took a bit of damage, glad you fixed her all up though!

Tracy said...

I'm glad to see that flopsy is looking good after her emergency treatment and will be loved for many years to come xx

Gillian said...

You did an excellent repair job there! How nice to have made something for a little one and for it to become their absolute favourite thing. x

Patricia said...

Flopsy's looking pretty good now and one little girl is going to be so delighted.
Patricia x

Maria Ontiveros said...

You're amazing!

viv said...

Well done on the repair. I predict a very happy little girl

Chrissys for Cards said...

You are clever. What a lovely surprise in store.

karen said...

You are amazing to sort Flopsy out. That will be one very happy little girl again when Flopsy gets home after her trip away. xx