Sunday, 31 August 2014

August Photographic Scavenger Hunt

I haven't participated in Greenthumb's Scavenger Hunt for a while now, but this month I decided that I would make more of an effort to get out and about and find all the items on the list. As it happens, apart from a few days at the begining of the month, it has been a pretty bad August here in the UK, with not much of an enticement to get out with my camera, so in the end most of these photos - well, in fact, all of these photos - are taken in and around home, quite a few without actually leaving my studio.

OK, off we go then.

1. W is for . . .  Wet, a rainy day, taken from my studio window

2. 5pm. Usually around 5pm is when I start to think about preparing our evening meal, so I dont often have my camera about my person. Here, instead, is what will be happening at 5pm on Channel 5, if I had the time to sit down and watch TV!

3. Everyday. Every day for the second half of 2014.

4. Centred. The centred flag of some bunting, given to me by Sandie, hanging in my studio.

5. Peace. My Peace Lily, sadly no flowers at the moment.

6. Ball. GT's well loved Barcelona football, brought back for him by his brother.

7. Luggage. My bag, ready to be packed for my next mini-tour, starting on Thursday.

8. Under. Under my desk, my bin, a bag of mags and some cabling (oops, forgot to edit out the tips of my knees), this is an unusually tidy shot of this area.

9. On your shelf. I love this area of my racking, containing lots of my favourite books, a couple of my works of art, the above-mentioned bunting, my tray of sand-art, a couple of my favourite mugs and a small section of a pile of some of my beermats.

10. Something you do every day. I drink plenty of water from this glass.

11. Glitter. I bought a huge bag of glitter off-cuts recently, and here is some of it made into a greetings card for my new business (Please find and follow my new blog, Station Harry)

12. Sunglasses. I dont wear sunglasses myself, and as it's been such a gloomy month I haven't seen many others wearing them either, so here is a shot of my computer glasses on the windowsill with the sun shining on and through them, taken this morning (yes, today the sun is shining, just in time for the schools to start back early next week!)

Many thanks again to Greenthumb for organising this month's Scavenger Hunt. If you would like to see other interpretations of the list and also the list for September please click here.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Happy Days 241/365

Recently I put my name down to enter Bernice's birthday give-away, and guess what! I won. My lovely goodies arrived in the post yesterday, this photo really doesn't do justice to all the lovely bits and pieces that Bernice has sent me. Thank you so much, Bernice.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Happy Days 235-240/365

235. Continuing with the yellow theme, here are some gorgeous cone flowers in my front garden

236. New covers for the TV room cushions

237. Glazed panel in the front door

238. My collection of cookery spoons

239. Yellow pages.

240. Non-yellow birthday boy

Monday, 25 August 2014

Potatoes . .

. .  are my all-time favourite food, cooked anyway you like, hot or cold, I love 'em all. And, I've discovered a magic trick you can perform with them, too. Firstly, you take one potato,

which you put into some soil in a growbag just outside the back door,

then leave it for five or six months (obv. spring/summer months!), and Hey Presto, you empty out the bag and hopefully you will have lots of potatoes - I had twelve. OK, a couple of them are still very small, so if I had left them a couple more weeks they might have grown a bit larger, but, heyho, I'm not greedy.

Really looking forward to eating these, just boiled, with lots of butter and some mint sauce.

Saturday, 23 August 2014


Some time ago, I'm guessing it must have been at least three years ago, well before we moved house, a friend sent me a load of baby and child sized hats that her mum had knitted, for me to sell, as at the time I was fund-raising for the WAA

I sold a few, and then, when we moved house, I packed them away and, I'm ashamed to admit, I forgot all about them. Recently, while doing a bit of a decluttering exercise of my knitted items and yarn stash, I came across them again, so I am now going to offer them up for sale under Station Harry's umbrella, so to speak.

Each hat will be available for £3.00, this will include postage and all proceeds will be donated to the WAA. If you see one (or more) that you would like please contact me by the comments box below. Thanks.

no 1. baby size red and white stripe.

no 2. small child size, slightly more pink than picture shows, a sort of heathery colour.

no 3. small child size, pink, cerise, cream stripes

no 4. small child size, purple with random stripes

no 5. small child size, turquoise, cable stitch

I have another 24 hats altogether, and will list them six at a time as I go through the box and photograph them. As mentioned above, price is £3.00 each and all proceeds, after postage cost, will be donated to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Happy Days 231-234/365

231. Sunrise over Salisbury Plain - I've deliberately darkened this picture to overcome the fact that blogger insists on lightening up dark pictures, so I'm hoping that it should show up just right - will comment after publication)

232. The colourful keyset that opens the sliding door from the dining room to the conservatory, and other keys.

233. Apple, part of my lunch.

234. Banana, mid-morning energy booster

I seem to have started a bit of a yellow theme here, I think I'll carry on with it until the end of the month, hopefully that will encourage the sunshine to return.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Happy Days 228-230/365

228. Crocosmia, one of my very favourite flowers

229. A lovely splash of colour from these Californian poppies right outside my back door.

230. My "calling card" book, for my new business, Station Harry - please follow my new blog here and like me on Facebook here, thanks.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Happy Days 224-227/365

224. Cassie is so pleased to see me back from my travels that she has been ignoring me! That'll teach me to go away!

225. I found this great book in the charity shop, and it was only £3.00, woo hoo.

226. Look how tall these lovely glads have grown. Wow.

227. Blackberries, growing right outside my back door.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

5 in 5 on 15th

A little bit late with my 5 in 5 this month, but I have an excuse. I was away. And not only was I away, but on 5th August I was actually spending time with Sandie, whose meme this is. We met up for a couple of hours, had a couple of cuppas and some lovely grub, and Sandie introduced me to a fantastic new shopping experience (I've lived a sheltered life!) in The Range at Lakeside. Thanks Sandie.

I did take some photos while I was there, but I haven't got really got five that are good enough, so what I've done instead is to photograph some of the things I bought on the day, back in my studio, and here they are . . . .

. . . some rolls of Christmas ribbon, a huge book of crafting papers, a smaller pack of gorgeous blue and white papers and a big bag of assorted glitter - Station Harry is going to have so much fun with these.

But, you'll be saying to yourself, that's only four pictures. Well, here's the fifth, a lovely row of bunting, hanging on my bookshelves, made by Sandie and given to me on the same day.

Click here to see all the other 5 on 5s for this month.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Happy Days catch-up 213-223/365

I've been away from home on a "mini world tour", meeting lots and lots of people.

213. Started off in Essex, with a visit to my dear old mum, and a massive pub lunch.

214. Next day I took an early morning walk around the green in Theydon Bois.

215. Later I made my way to Lakeside, where I met up (and had a great shopping experience) with the lovely Sandie of itchifingers

216. Later on and it was over the QE11 bridge and down to Sussex, where I met these three great guys . . .

217. . . and their lovely mum, Clare.

218. Still in Sussex I met up with my very dear friend Amanda.

219. Stayed at hers overnight and the next day we went out for breakfast together (on a bus).

220 and 221. Lunch that day was a picnic at Petworth, where I met up with some of my cousins and some of their spouses

222. The final leg of my tour took me to Surrey, to stay with family, firstly with DO, JP and GDs 1 and 3

223. and then with FO, CH and GD2

Now I'm back home in Wiltshire, recovering.