Sunday, 18 March 2012

Week 46/52 317-323/365

317. Another misty morning, this gloom enveloped us for most of the week.

318. But we did have the added "excitement" of the arrival at our end of the road of the gas workers who are installing a new gas mains pipe.

319. My first attempt at patchwork is coming along nicely
320. Another misty morning viewed through a huge cobweb outside the bathroom window

321. Kandi Pandi sent me this lovely square for the Blanket Square Swap

322. These two were from Emma, of the Log Cabin . . . (sorry Emma, I cant find a link to your blog - please feel free to put one in the comment section))

323 . . . and these two from Ruby at Moleymakes (sorry, Ruby, I cant find a link to your blog either - feel free to put it in my comments section)


Sarahmumof3 said...

we had alot of foggy mornings here too, loving the patchwork :) x

Eileen said...

What are you making with the patchwork?

Ruby Mole said...

Hi Joy. Glad you received my squares. Hope you like them :)

Can't wait to see everyone's blankets.

You can find my blog at