Friday, 2 March 2012

Long Street

Sorry, I've been a bit busy this week, but I'm here now to continue with our trip around Devizes. Today we are going to have a look at Long Street, which runs from the Market Square eastwards almost to the Southgate. A higgledy-piggledy mixture of buildings, including Giddings tea-rooms, where I meet up with Jean for tea and chat, Quintessence tea-rooms (haven't been in there yet), I think the little shop is called Dolly Decor, then the Museum with an interesting front that appears to have been squashed in between two other buildings, and lastly a view along a few of the private houses all painted different colours to add diversity.

If you come back next week I'll show you the Green and the Crammer, and then possibly take you along to the other end of the town for a look at the brewery and the canal.


Chrissy said...

What a lovely lot of buildings

Patricia said...

I love photos of buildings they can be so diverse. Yours are really great.

Saphy said...

I love Devizes, we are quite close but i have not been in ages. lovely pictures.

joy said...

Thanks girls for your comments. I love Devizes too, and will be sad to leave, its just that there are too many new developments and too much traffic, the infrastructure is bursting at the seams already without another nearly 1000 new homes planned for the next few years. We are shortly moving to Warminster, only about 13 miles away, but with a by-pass. No doubt there will also be new development there too - Wiltshire seems to be a very desirable place - but with a by-pass the traffic shouldn't be such a vast problem as it is here.

Anonymous said...

I've been in Quintessence a few times although not recently.

Excellent value for money, wholesome food and good atmosphere.

You'll miss Devizes!