Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February Scavenger Hunt

Once again, many thanks to Kathy from Postcards from the P.P. for this months Scavenger Hunt subjects
 1. Music - my latest purchase

2. Food - homemade pasty pie, delish

3. Love - my card to him

4. Couldn'd find cupid, so this is cuboid

5. In the sky, on a recent trip to London, taken from the train

6. Black and white, snow at night

7. 5 - flower heads on my orchid

8. Leap year - my diary for today

9. Train - at Leatherhead Station, London-bound

10. Crowded - platform at Waterloo station

11. Empty - carriage on the underground

12. Heritage - Devizes, Wiltshire and the reason why we are known as Moonrakers


Patricia said...

Love all your photos Joy, especially black and white and also your orchids. Never seen an empty tube train either!

Louise said...

Great black and white photo and very clever thinking for cupid!

Lisa said...

The snow at night one is so good.
Lisa x

Busy Little Chicken said...

Great pic's Joy! Am off to join in hopefully, see you in March!!! Thanks for the link ....: )

Patrice said...

Great shots - love Cupid!

Little Blue Mouse said...

I had the same idea for empty too.
Love your black and white.

Sandra said...

Love the black and white photo - very ethereal :-) x

greenthumb said...

Lovely black and white photo.

Chrissy said...

An empty carriage - well that is just a wonder on its own for sure. More lovely pictures - you certainly have an eye for the unusual. Love the London eye framing that building.

Country Girl said...

Cupid/cuboid - not much difference really, I suppose! Made me laugh.