Friday, 24 February 2012

Devizes II

We start today's mini-trip of Devizes in and around the Market Square. The building now occupied by Santander has some lovely carvings and reminds me very much of Wedgewood Pottery.
The male depicted in the left carving is Roger, Bishop of Salisbury, and the female on the right is Matilda, both of whom are mentioned here. This building is quite close to the castle, but search as I might I cant find out any more information about the history of this particular building. Are there locals reading this who can expand, please?

This is the Corn Exchange, which you can read about here

and lastly the market itself, held every Thursday, when the town is really busy with people coming in from miles and miles around.

Come back soon for another mini-trip


Chrissy said...

Thanks Joy for that nice little tour - look forward to the next episode

Gabriella Buckingham said...

Hi joy
thanks for your comments on my blog this morning. Devies looks full of history :)

I don't know how to disable that verification thingy - have tried. All I could do was make all comments from any source instantly publishable. I fyou know how to do what you mean let me know! Gabs x

Gabriella Buckingham said...

tried that Joy - it wasn't there:( But I have the most open commenting you can have now so maybe it might have gone.. sorry.

greenthumb said...

Hi thank goodness someone said what I have been thinking, I can't stand them.