Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A good post day

This is the inside of my workbox - to me its perfectly normal, its been like this for years, but a couple of weeks ago, Rog saw it and was horrified (he is very tidy and methodical).

While I was away last week he ordered a present for me which arrived in the post this morning.

Also in the post this morning, another couple of blanket swap squares, from Dosie Rosie, aren't they lovely.

Did you get anything nice in the post today?


Joy said...

Do you know, not a sinlge thing. Rotten postie (like its his fault).
Loving the spool holders. I have one but it only holds about 20. Not enough when you see my thread haul. Thankfully my desk drawers are nice shallow little things and I have cleared them out for all the thread. I am sure Rog would approve.

Chrissy said...

I do like a bit of neatness - so well done Rog. Nothing like having it all sorted and ready to hand.

Marion said...

Your Rog is a very thoughtful person! That should make sewing easier... (My cottons are all tossed in a basket...)