Sunday, 5 February 2012

Week 40/52 275-281/365

275/365 A good old fashioned pint of Wadworths Spitfire (nearly all gone)

276/365 Pasty pie ready for its pastry lid

277/365 One of the many delights of country living, the muck-spreader

278/365 A single dahlia

279/365 Frosty morning

280/365 Vapour trail and UFO (no prizes, but would welcome your best guesses)

281/365 Snowing


Eileen said...

All the snow has disappeared here. What's it like over your way?

Unknown said...

Lovely set, particularly like the last one of the snow falling. UFO = lampshade reflection in window?? x

joy said...

Yes, all gone, Eileen.
Correct Karen

Lyn said...

beautiful photos, love the dahlia

Chrissy C said...

I like the dahlia shot too

Chrissy C said...

Love the duck on the frozen pond

Chrissy C said...

You've got double word verification on this blog Joy. Just taken me two goes to get the flipping words right - grrrrhhh

Chrissy C said...

Love the duck on the frozen pond. You have word verification on this blog Joy - here is my 5th attempt to get the stupid words right!!