Tuesday, 11 June 2013

All Change

After ages and ages of things just sedately ticking along, suddenly it seems that a quantum leap is taking place

No.1 son (DO, the dark one) and wife are buying a new house, there is no chain so they hope to be in sometime in August.

No.2 son (FO, the fair one) and his partner are new parents, to my one month old granddaughter, and are slowly getting used to parenthood.

No.3 son (GO, ginger one) has just moved from a batchelor room in a shared house to a flat which he is sharing with his girlfriend's brother and partner, and, eventually, his girlfriend.

No.4 son (GT, ginger two) is just waiting for CRB check to be completed before embarking on a whole new career.

Exciting times. Good luck to all my sons.


Chrissys4Cards said...

Didn't know you had four sons Joy - hope all works out for each and every one. xx

joy said...

Thanks Chris, dont post about them often as a whole group - but just now they all have something going for them at the same time, which is unusual. Joy xx

Mum said...

You must be one proud mum.
Love from Mum

Jean said...

Proud time for you and GM, Joy. Good parenting I say,

Tracy said...

Exciting times ahead for them all you must be so proud xx

Claudia Moser said...

Good luck to all of them!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Change is definitely in the air! In my house, as well, as my son is graduating from high school on Thursday.