Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Shear Water, from where I'm sitting.

It was such a lovely day we decided to take our lunch and folding chairs down to Shear Water, in Longleat Forest.

Here's what I could see from my chair

the lake

cool clear water

my drink

GM's drink

my lunch

his lunch

the occasional dog walker

now and again a car

my foot

the bench in front of us

some ducks

others enjoying the peace and quiet

a sign (which says "no swimming")

sparkly water

a couple of ladies enjoying the view.

A lovely way to spend a lunch hour. Bet you wish you'd been there?


Chrissys for Cards said...

So beautiful, lucky you.

Jille said...

I do wish I was there. I'm very hot and sticky after a busy day at work! Were you tempted to dip your toes in the water?

Mum said...

Love from Mum

viv said...

yes I really wish I had been there