Monday, 5 May 2014

5 on 5 for May

Linking up with Sandie at itchifingers.

I am a lucky bunny, today is my umptysixth birthday, so there has been no shortage of photo opportunities. I've managed to pick out my five favourite shots from what was, I have to admit, a slightly longer than five minute time slot.

1. Gifts from GO, who used some wrapping paper that he found (Phoenix, of course).

2. Some of my cards

3. From GT - how did he guess these are my favourite?

4. A lovely surprise for my birthday, our first runner bean shoot

5. We''ll be enjoying this with tea tonight


eleanor fairclough said...

Tut I didn't know he'd used that wrapping paper! Xx

Sandie said...

Happy, happy birthday Joy!
Thank you for taking part this month and sharing your birthday treats. I love the wrapping paper, and the thought of a bottle of wine to end the day.