Thursday, 15 May 2014

Disruption at Daisy Row

As if May wasn't already busy enough, with birthdays galore, a wedding anniversary, a visit from a relative from USA, a 90th birthday party to help organise and a new baby due (who, thankfully, decided to surprise us all by arriving in late April), our faithful plumber decided that he could fit us in, and if a plumber tells you he can fit you in, you do NOT say no. So, on Monday morning promptly at 8 a.m. Baz and Dave arrived, to remove our old, inefficient boiler.

As the new boiler was destined to be fitted not in the kitchen but the utility room

a certain amount of disruption where new pipes were to be fitted was guaranteed. I had to vacate my studio for a while, and the carpet had to be pulled back to allow access under the floorboards

so the pipes could pass back to the airing cupboard, where the hot water tank was positioned.

Well, they were here for three days. The hot water tank, being surplus to requirements was removed,

as was the old boiler,

and the new boiler was fitted.

We had decided that it was not a good idea for Cassie to be around while all this work was going on, so she's had a nice little holiday in a luxury apartment in Clearwood Cattery (highly recommended) and will be back home this afternoon, after we've cleared all the dust.

Thanks Baz and Dave, a good job well done. Watch this space, next on the list of improvements is some work to make good the kitchen.

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