Saturday, 22 November 2014

Mum's virtual blog party

Mum has invited us to hold a virtual blog party today, you can read all about it here.

***For readers of a sensitive nature, please be aware that this post is rather photo heavy***

I love parties, especially family parties, so my guest list would include all of these people, my immediate family

my cousins

plus {slightly more than} a few close friends (you know who you are - if I've seen you this year then you are on the list).

For some scintillating conversation I would also invite the gorgeous Brian Cox (this is a photo of him taken on my TV screen)

Albert Einstein (image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Richard Feynman (having problems finding a downloadable picture at the moment), and my lovely friends from Alabama, USA, Bertha and her housemate Jane Carroll

GM would love to chat with Roy Hodgson and Martin O'Neill, so they are also invited, which will give GS2 an opportunity to show them his football skills.

I really haven't decided on my wardrobe just yet, but the most important prerequisite is for comfortable shoes, and these are my latest acquisition

I've been making a few fairy cakes - these have yet to be iced - but, having licked the bowl while I was making them, I can tell you they will be delicious.

Most of the music will be courtesy of this young man (GS1) and his dad (DO),

but I have also asked the fantastic and handsome Paul Lewis to pop in with his piano to do us a quick guest spot (Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 3)(another photo from my TV).

 We'll have a game or two of pass-the-parcel,

we'll wear party hats

we'll share balloons

 and we'll ask Luke to show us how to dance.

If you think this looks like fun then why not drop by for a drink, or a bite to eat, and enjoy talking to all my lovely guests, and dont forget also to pop by for a quick visit to the others who are also hosting their virtual parties today.

Thanks to Mum for organising us all. I've had a lovely time, hope you have too.


Eileen T said...

Can I sit next to Brian please?

Mum said...

Oh, just leave me alone with Brian and we'll have fun, sorry - intelligent conversation in the corner!
PS May I have a fairy cake and a balloon too?

Jean said...

Your best blog post EVER Joy.
I have enjoyed it enormously x x

Jane Carroll said...

Oh, Joy...I'm honored to be in the guest lineup...I want a party hat and balloon and a few fairy cakes. Bertha will assist with the dance training. She does love to dance. What a delightful blog!

johnnyjumpsup said...

Great post. Lovely photos of your friends and family. That little dancer is throwing out some great moves.

Carol said...

Looks like Brian Cox will be busy today. May I have a fairy cake without icing please.