Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Mostly lots of this

But also some of this.

In the conservatory I found one of these

and in the garden I found these.

We've enjoyed a couple of these (although this is by far the most dramatic).

We spent one afternoon here.

And we've enjoyed a few of these.

How has January been for you?

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Phoenix, various age cards

A pack of 8 age cards, various ages - current retail price £1.75 per card, yours for £5.00 including postage, please comment below.

Phoenix Change of Address cards

One unopened pack of 10 Change-of-Address cards (5" x 7"), and an opened pack with 4 remaining, all with blue envelopes. Current brochure price for 10, £4.50, all 14 cards can be yours for £3.50 including postage. Please comment below.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

More Christmas stuff

Pack 1. Wish list pack, paper chain set, pack of 5 3D igloo cards, 8 various gift tags, current brochure retail value approx £11.00, price to clear £6.00 including postage.

Pack 2.   SOLD

Pack 3. Paper chain set, approx 15 gift tags, Piggy Bank money wallet, current retail value £6.50, price to clear  £4.00 including postage.

While all three sets are available, they can be purchased as one lot at £13.50. (Obviously once one or more sets are sold this option ceases). Please comment below.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Three piece suite, anyone?

. . . . or as one of my sons used to call it, "3p sweet".

We bought this suite new soon after we moved here in 2012, from the local Crockerton Furniture Centre. It is very comfortable and we love it, but soon after we bought it we realized we needed extra sleeping capacity downstairs, so we bought ourselves a sofa bed for the lounge, and were offered such a good deal that we bought a matching sofa as well, so this 3 piece suite has been sitting, unused, in our spare room for over three years.

As you can see, we paid £1,250 for it. We used it for probably no more than a few months, 6 at the most, so it is as new and in practically perfect condition, clean, with no scratches or tears, and would be ideal for anyone wanting/needing a smallish suite for a smallish space. We hope to get in the region of £600 for it. If you, or anyone you know, would like to take a look at it - we are in Warminster - just leave a comment below. I'll be advertising it on Gumtree later this week.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Buy early for Christmas

With now less than 51 weeks left until Christmas 2016, why not start your festive shopping now, with packs of Christmas cards well below half price. Please accept my apologies for the rubbish photos, it's a very dull day!


Pack 1. 4 separate packs of cards, priced at £2.75 each (1 pack of 8, 2 packs of 10, and 1 pack of 15 (santa/chimney) - all for £4.00 plus £2.80 postage (small package)

Pack 2. 4 separate packs of cards, priced at £2.75 each (1 pack of 8, 2 packs of 10, and 1 pack of 15 (Rudolph) - all for £4.00 plus £2.80 postage (small package)

Pack 3. 3 separate packs of cards (2 packs of 10 at £3.75, 1 pack of 8 at £4.25) - all for £4.00 plus £2.80 postage (small package).

Pack 4. 4 separate packs of cards (1 pack of 8 at £2.75, 1 pack of 8 at £3.75, 1 pack of 10 at £3.75 and 1 pack of 8 at £4.25)  - all for £6.00 plus £2.80 postage (small package).

These are one-offs, never-to-be-repeated prices, buy now or miss a fabulous opportunity. (p.s. If you do buy them now, please make sure you make a note of where you hide them so they can be found again when you need them in November!) Please comment below if you wish to buy.

The Big 2016 Declutter begins

This is the year that I'm embarking on a really exciting decluttering exercise in my studio. I have far too much stuff, and I intend to either sell or give away a lot of it.

As many of you are aware, I have spent some of my time in the past as a Phoenix Trader, and during this time I accumulated rather more stock than I actually needed, so first up for grabs is this.


1. Desk organiser pad. A pad of 52 sheets, size 30cm x 21cm, to help you organise your week. The price label on the pad says £5.00, the current price in the brochure is £5.50, but it could be yours for only £2.50 (plus postage £1.50).

If you would like this item, please comment in the box below or email me
 joy at treetopsystems dot co dot uk

Thanks for looking, and watch out for more bargains coming over the next few weeks/months.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Happy New Year, dear reader, and thanks for sticking with me through 2015. I have to say I'm pleased it's now over, and I look forward to a much happier and more productive year ahead - with less emotional turmoil, please.

So now back to the subject of the title, the Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt, which Eileen and I are hosting. December was for me, as I'm sure it was for you too, rather busy, so I didn't get many photos taken, but I made sure I took any relevant ones before and during taking down the festive decorations, so here are the ones I've found so far.

No.1. A robin redbreast.

Plenty of these around in real life, but never, it seems, when I have my camera handy, so here are some from our festive cards.

No.2. Tinsel. I took a few of the tinsel while it was on the tree, but mostly the focus wasn't quite right, so this is the only survivor - and even this isn't wonderful - the tinsel swathed ice bucket in Wetherspoons!

No.4. A star. A couple on the festive tree, the second made by my lovely friend Jean, which, having just proof-read this post before publishing, is actually a snowflake and not a star at all, oh well, never mind, just grant me a bit of artistic licence - plus a bit of free publicity for Jean (who also makes lovely bead Santas and various other things).

No.5. A snowman. Not much chance of seeing a real-life snowman down here in the wet, mild and soggy west of England, so the first one was sent to us from USA, and the second is a festive drinks mat.

And finally, I wasn't sure where to put this one, it could be either category 2, tinsel, or category 4, star - as it shows both.

How are you getting on with yours? Thanks for joining in, please add your links to the linky below so we can all see them.