Saturday, 25 June 2016

My personal EU vote story

I personally voted to remain in Europe, because, to my (I admit limited) knowledge I thought it would be best for everyone, for all of the UK citizens and for the citizens of all the other EU countries as well. I naively assumed that the majority of others in this country would feel the same. What I hadn't realized until only last Monday was the personal impact that a leave vote would have on me and my family.
My lovely daughter-in-law is Japanese, she and my son have been together for 10 years, married for 7 and they have two gorgeous daughters. My daughter-in-law is the main breadwinner as her job with a Japanese Investment bank provides a deal more income than my tree-surgeon son could hope to earn.
The work that she does is quite complicated, but I hope she won't mind me telling you that basically she sells European shares to Japanese investors. In order to do this, the company that she works for (and incidentally any other UK or international company that does the same thing) needs to be situated inside the EU, which means that at some not too distant point in the future the company and all its employees will need to be relocated to an EU country. If I remember rightly, the options available to them are Dublin, Paris or Frankfurt. So, instead of them being an hour's drive away, they will be heaven knows how far away. And, worst of all, my daughter-in-law, being a foreign national, had no say in the process, despite having lived in this country for many years, being married to an English man, having two half-English children, and having a mortgage on a house in England.
To say that I am sad is an understatement, but I guess that now I'll at least have the opportunity to travel to wherever they end up, as long as my pension holds out!
This is not a complaint or a whinge, just an individual viewpoint of how suddenly several lives can be impacted so severely. These two brothers, who have always been close, will now be separated, as will the four cousins who all get on so well together.


Susanne said...

With all that has been on the news, I hadn't considered how many personal stories like this would result from this change, affecting families so profoundly. I am hoping that some benefits will eventually outweigh all the deficits of this change.

Barbara said...

Joy I read your post with interest, I am also disappointed with the result as my son's girlfriend is Spanish, at present they can move back and forth to Spain without any problems it is worrying what may happen in the future. Sorry to hear you son and daughter-in-law may have to move.