Saturday, 19 November 2016

Top notch or stopped watch?

I came across an article in today's The Times Magazine (Chav Chic, p.46) about the current celeb fashion fad, i.e. the sporty look, comprised of joggers, trackies, hoodies and trainers, which are apparently now the height of style. This is fabulous news for me, as it means that my current, ongoing wardrobe has suddenly come back into fashion - I've been wearing these clothes for years, in fact the same ones for years in some cases (probably since the last time they were the "in thing" to be wearing).

I don't exactly live in these clothes all the time, I do wear my dress for special occasions and during the summer you might just catch me wearing cropped trousers on a very hot day, but for the most part I admit to being very lazy, I love to just slop about at home in my "comfort zone" clothes.

Does this mean that I have unwittingly become highly fashion conscious? Or am I just like the very old watch that I keep in my bedside cabinet for sentimental reasons, which, although not working, shows the right time twice a day?

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