Monday, 27 March 2017

Week six

Slowly, slowly we are getting things together, we have registered at the closest health centre and have been allocated a GP, we have both been for a quick check-up and registered with an NHS dentist group, and we have registered Cassie with a vet practise. We had our first (apart from a brief pop-in for a cuppa-type visit from my cousin) proper visitors yesterday, although they only stayed for a couple of hours, which was quite long enough in our current state! We have curtains up in most rooms, and our next major job, when conditions allow, is to empty, sort and restack all the "stuff" that was put into the garage on moving day.

Day 36.

Our lovely big mirror has been mounted at the top of the stairs on the wall between the bedroom and bathroom doors.

Day 37.

A new batten and a swish rail in position and we have curtains at the bedroom window.

Day 38.

View from my studio window on a very wet and windy March day.

Day 39.

GM is installing a LAN (local area network) so our PCs, printers etc. can all talk to each other - there is a partial one already in the property, so this is an easier task than he was expecting, but we still need physical cables from one room to another.

Day 40.


A replacement window panel with a hole cut through each pane and hermetically sealed means we can install our super-duper all singing, all dancing electronic cat-flap so Cassie can get in and out without us having to open and close the door every five minutes.


Day 41.

GM has temporarily installed himself in the littlest bedroom, so we can empty his office of boxes (which will all be moved downstairs into the dining area for unpacking), rebuild all his shelving units and get it ready for his permanent occupation.

Day 42.

Our other cat is happily installed as a door stop in the lounge.

For those of you intrepid readers who have got this far and who know Eileen of  In my playroom , some news for you. I was a little concerned at not having "seen" her around for a while, so I got in touch. She has had a bug since the early days of this year, which keeps recurring, and she is currently feeling very low, but she is seeking medical advice and hopes to be on the mend soon. She is also in the process of having to replace her laptop, so is currently unable to communicate except by phone. If you would like to send her best wishes and don't have her phone number, please leave any messages in my comments below and these will be forwarded to her.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Week five

Day 29.

We've bought some new swish curtain rails - enough to do all the windows, and were going to buy some timber battens, but were lucky enough to find just exactly what we needed stashed away in the garage.

Day 30.

The first one up, in the entrance hall.

Day 31.

A view of the entrance hall from the kitchen door.

Day 32.

Someone had a birthday (not me!)

Day 33.

GM (aka sysman) has moved my work station from the dining room into my studio. (I have refrained from showing the rest of the room just now - it's still full of boxes, I'm waiting for my shelves to go up).

Day 34.

Since we arrived it's been too wet to do anything at all in the garden, even tidy up after the removers. Hoping for some dry (even if not sunny) days soon, so we can get out there and start. As you can see, it's pretty much a blank canvas, I'm so looking forward to making my mark.

Day 35.

My house plants have been brought home from their temporary storage at the MS Therapy Centre, although I'm still not quite sure where they'll end up. A bouquet from GO who popped in with EG to see our new home for the first time - he's been away for work, which is why he didn't come round earlier. I had to use one of my kitchen implement jars as I haven't yet unpacked my vases.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The fourth week, and the end of our first month here

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun (or unpacking and trying to turn a house into a home - which is sort-of fun).

Day 22.

I knew it wouldn't be long before the novelty of doing dishes together wore off.

Day 23.

Time to reorganise the furniture in the lounge from how the removers left it to how I want it.

Day 24.

That's more like it. We seriously need some extra storage for this room, loads of books and ornaments still boxed up (out of sight, out of mind, for the time being).

Day 25.

Sunrise from my studio

Day 26.

You can buy a personalised map centred on your home from Ordnance Survey for the sum of £16.99, always worth it if, like us, you walk a lot. Can you imagine my delight to discover that we are literally yards away from a Roman Road?

Day 27.

The utility room is actually just a very large cupboard, but I've had a chance to tidy it up and now it looks quite respectable

Day 28.

The previous owner removed all the curtain poles, so we are left with this in all the bedrooms.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Surplus to requirements

As I gradually unpack and try to find space for everything I realize that I have too much stuff. Before I list things on Gumtree or Ebay, I thought I would send the images out into blogland first. If you see anything you would like please leave a comment below (I'll be away from home from midday 9th until late afternoon 10th, so comments won't be listed or replied to during that period, but will appear in my inbox in chronological order).

This EWM (Edinburgh Wool Mills) fleece is turquoise with a navy collar and two side pockets.
The label says 14/16, but from my experience it is a tight 16, so probably best just to say it would be a comfortable 14. I haven't worn it much as it wasn't particularly useful because I couldn't zip it up. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but it is available for a charity donation (The Wessex M.S. Centre) and the cost of postage.

Quite difficult to describe the colour of this jacket, I guess taupe would be the closest. It's from H&M, size Euro 42, again, I would guess a comfortable 14, as it's to small for me now.
Details should be fairly clear from the photos, and cost is as above - donation and postage.

Brand new and still in original box, we bought this because we were expecting to move into a house without a cooker, then we changed course and bought a different house with a cooker, so it hasn't been used at all, and was only taken out of the box to photograph. Original price £50., yours for £20., collection from Andover or Warminster, or possibly I can arrange to get it to Dorking or Leatherhead - too heavy to consider postage.

Large suitcase, surplus to requirements, 75cm x 56cm x 23cm, used for family holidays when children were small (now in mid-20s), so it's fairly old but still in good condition if a little dusty. There is a key for the little padlock which appears above, and the address label is still blank. Offers close to £10 will be considered,  collection from Andover or Warminster, or possibly I can arrange to get it to Dorking or Leatherhead - too bulky to consider postage.

There will be other items listed soon (including a couple of bedside cabinets and a couple of lamps) when I get back from my next adventure.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Week three

Goodness me, we've been here three weeks already! Time is whizzing by at quite an alarming rate.  There is still A LOT to be done, but it's beginning to feel like home already.

Day 15.

I went back to Warminster to do my shift at the Wessex M.S. Therapy Centre, won't be giving that up for a while yet. It was great to see all my buddies.

Day 16.

A row of master switches at the back of the kitchen worktop means we don't have to lean in and switch the appliances on and off individually.

Day 17.

Simple little things that make me happy, a door chain and a spyhole.

Day 18.

The tumble dryer in its temporary usable position in the hall at the bottom of the stairs, we can stick the vent pipe out of the window.

Day 19.

Here is my new studio, I think it will be a while yet before it's put to use, but all my stuff is now in one place again.

Day 20.

The front garden - it's going to need some attention before long, but should tidy up quite easily.

Day 21.

. . . . trombones?

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The second week

Day 8.

GM was inspecting the loft, it appeared that the loft hatch was hinged to the aperture but sadly that wasn't the case, it fell down (as did he, almost).

Day 9.

Try as he might, he was unable to fathom out how to get it back into position, so we currently have a temporary arrangement - luckily we seem to have one or two cardboard boxes lying around.

Day 10.

Another temporary arrangement. Previous owner/tenant decided to remove all the curtain poles, leaving just the retainers, so until GM gets round to fixing up new swish rails I've tied up a sheet , to preserve our modesty.

Day 11.

Current view of the lounge, but, having finished unpacking the kitchen, this is my next project, which I'm starting today.

Day 12.

The dining part of the kitchen/diner with the most important work stations installed temporarily, and, as you can see, the less important tumble dryer looking a bit forlorn stuck in the middle with, as yet, nowhere to go.

Day 13.

A stack of empty boxes, stored in the extraordinarily large downstairs loo.

Day 14.

The tiles in the bathroom and ensuite shower room (mostly plain white but with a frieze of these). GM isn't too fond of them, but they'll stay for now.