My Family and other creatures

It occurred to me that if you don't know me very well, you wont understand what the initials in caps stand for, so here is a list.

My boys

PJ is the eldest
DO is the dark one, my second son, father of GS1, GD1 and GD3
FO is the fair one, my third son, father of GD2 and GD4
GO is ginger one, my fourth son
GT is ginger two, my youngest son, father of GD5.

And now, just in case I need to mention them in future blogposts, here are the rest of my family:

My girls (listed alphabetically)

CH, partner of FO and mother of GD2 and GD4
EG, partner of GO
JO, ex partner of DO, and mother of GS1, GS2 and GD6.
JP,  wife of DO and mother of GD1 and GD3
ST, partner of GT and mother of GD5

My grandchildren

GS1 and GS2 are my grandsons,
GD1, GD2, GD3, GD4, GD5 and GD6 are my granddaughters,

(GS2 is the half-brother of GS1, and GD6 is the baby sister of both, same mother, different fathers, so not actually blood-related, but I'm still their nan, likewise GD5 has an older half-sister and half-brother, and may be referred to as FT1 and FT2)

GM is the green man, my other half, and Cassie is the cat.

Hope that makes it all nice and clear, but if not, it really doesn't matter in the overall scheme of things, does it?

Enjoy your day.

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