Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I'm back

Well, in fact, I haven't really been away, just not spending so much time at my P.C. at the moment. I was doing a daily listing on Folksy during January, but I ran out of steam (and decent stock) towards the end of the month. But now its February, I'm not going to attempt a daily listing, as I simply dont have the time, but thought I could probably manage once or twice a week. Here is my listing for today, you can find my Folksy shop (or as one of my friends refers to hers - Floksy shop) by clicking here.
This is a baby blanket, or could be used as a pet blanket, and as usual, part of the sale price (this time 40% as the material cost is a bit higher than usual) will go to the WAAA


Chrissy said...

Very pretty. I couldn't manage a daily listing either Joy, and now just list when I'm in the mood for making a card. Been doing charity ones at the moment.

Shoogly Beads said...

I did the January daily listing and it was exhausting....I doubt I'll list a thing during February!!

The syders said...

Lovely blanket Joy and Ive left you an award on my blog xxx