Friday, 25 February 2011

Lost my mojo . . .

. . . a couple of weeks ago, and today I decided it was about time I found it again, but now I discover that I dont even know what it is, so I am really puzzled. How do I find something if I dont know what it is? Where do I start to look?
Well, my first stop was the Chambers dictionary, but as its an edition from 1987, it doesn't even contain the word MOJO.
Second stop was Wikipedia, which had so many meanings but none of them seemed appropriate to my situation.
So now I am asking YOU, dear readers. What exactly is my MOJO, and as I dont seem to remember where I lost it, where do I start to look to find it?
Any help would be most appreciated, thanks.


Elaine said...

I'm not entirely sure what a MOJO is but I think it is a close relative of the GetUpNGo which for many Gets Up And Goes, especially if the winter drags on as it seems to have done, don't you think?

I would recommend going out for a walk! You never know, you might find 'it' out in the great outdoors ..... or possibly find it has turned up again once you get back home (down the side of a cushion of a settee possibly .... lots of things end up there)


carol said...

Found this urban dictionary. Not sure this is what you mean by MOJO though! ☺


joy said...

thanks for the link carol, I think its just a lack of motivation that I seem to be suffering from, but other crafting ladies call it their MOJO (unless they are feeling a lack of sex appeal and I understood it wrong :->).
elaine, I think you must be right, I've spent so much time sitting on the sofa for the past few months its quite possible it has fallen down beside one of the squabs, I'll have a look there later, might find lots of other stuff as well!

Jean said...

I think it was Popeye who said "my get up and go has got up and went" and then he ate a tin of spinach and it came back!! So, perhaps mojo is the new word for a tin. Yuck.