Thursday, 6 September 2012

Candle Hill

One of the reasons we love Wiltshire so much (apart from it being one of the least densely populated counties of the UK) is the hilliness. We had a couple of favourite hill climbs in Devizes, and now we are here in Warminster we are in discovery mode.

Earlier in the week, reference to the local map showed us Candle Hill, just outside town, and right on the edge of the militarised zone, but easily accessible by car and by foot. Looking initially just for a nice quiet place to take a picnic lunch and some liquid refreshment, we drove to the furthest accessible point and then parked up.

Being right on the edge of Salisbury Plain, which is owned by the Ministry of Defence, might seem to some to be a bad move, but they couldn't be more wrong. The Army have one or two practice days a year, when all we can hear all day long is the booming of the large guns, but apart from that and the occasional soldiers in uniform in town, the Army are no trouble. OK we dont actually have access to this beautifully unspoiled countryside but we can see it and enjoy it in the knowledge that for the forseeable future it is in safe hands.


Anonymous said...

We can hear the booming over here at times, too!

Lovely photos.

Half Acre Wilderness said...

Thank you for sharing. I love seeing your photo's. There is nothing quite like the British countryside. :)