Sunday, 9 September 2012

Trellis to the rescue

So we have this wooden structure at the back of the house, a pergola covered in wisteria and jasmine, with a decked base and wooden sides. Its a great place to sit, either in the sunshine or shade. The guy who built it (or had it built) - the owner before last - made a great job, but obviously didn't have any little people around.

When we had our recent family get-together it was suddenly obvious to me (and I really should have spotted it earlier) that it was a bit small-child-unfriendly, with a drop at one side onto some steps and a smallish flower border at the back.

Luckily the californian poppies are quite hardy, and survived the odd Marissa-trample, but we needed to make sure that it no longer resembled an accident waiting to happen, so here is our solution, making both a physical and a visual boundary, and great for plant support too.


Chrissy said...

Brilliant job done

Anonymous said...

Good thinking!

Elaine said...

Fantastic job :)

Half Acre Wilderness said...

That's a great solution. :D