Tuesday 20 November 2012

Christmas Cracker Swap

Sometime last month I put my name down to enter Mad About Bags Christmas Cracker Swap (which you can read about here), and I was paired with Ellie of Feltabulous. We contacted each other and followed each others blogs, so we could get an idea of what we liked, and by the end of last week we both had our crackers ready, and agreed to post them on Friday. I received mine from Ellie on Saturday, she received hers from me on Monday, so now we can show and tell.

Firstly, Ellie's cracker for me:

Look how neatly she has finished of her fabric, which had a lovely holly design. She had included a Christmas card, my first this year.

The contents of the cracker neatly fitted inside the roll

All beautifully wrapped in seasonal green and red tissue paper

And, wow, what a lovely assortment of gifts, isn't it amazing how much you can fit inside a kitchen-roll inner tube!

Ellie made this lovely felt heart

I mentioned that I loved cosmos, so she had included a packet of seeds.

Yummy chocolate, a beautiful pair of ear-rings, a pair of red hearts, a row-counter, a pair of stitch holders

Lots of lovely Christmassy ribbons

and a keyring, with these fabulous polymer clay beads that she made

Thank you so much Ellie for being a great swap partner, and also a big thank you to Tracy, at Mad About Bags, for organising this swap.

Here is what I sent to Ellie


Claudia Moser said...

What a great idea and lovely gift! Lucky you!

Ellie Foster said...

Dear Joy
Thank you for posting about the cracker swap - I shall be doing the same. It was great fun to be part of this swap and you are so right, it is amazing how much can be fitted inside a kitchen roll! You were a fantastic swap partner.
Best wishes

Maria Luiza said...

Que linda ideia para presentes natalinos! Eu gostei de tudo! Parabéns! Abraços!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

How fun! Wonderful new stash for both of you. :)

Busy Little Chicken said...

Wow, that has given me some ideas of what will fit into the kitchen roll tube!! I'm waiting to hear from my swapee as to what she likes/dislikes, so I'm champing at the bit now I've seen this lovely lot!! :)

Chrissy C said...

Fabulous idea - great swaps

Tracy said...

WoW our first swap of the err? well swap!!!
what fab goodies you received i shall be blogging about it all very soon xx

Kezzie said...

I think the aspect I adore most about these swaps is nosing what other people sent!!!! Wow, you both did really well! Loads of loveliness! I don't think mine will be as neat as that!!!! I am a TERRIBLE wrapper of presents! How did she make that lovely polymer clay keyring mixing it so neatly to be swirly! Working on mine right now...
Nice to 'meet you' via this swap!