Thursday, 22 November 2012

Our next project . . .

. . . is the dining room.

This is the room that was originally designated as the snug, but its next to the kitchen, opens into the conservatory and has views out to the garden, so we decided to turn it into the dining room.

It needs a lot of work:
the door into the conservatory needs replacing,
the skirting boards are different heights on each side of the room so need matching up,
the fireplace opening is not central in the chimney breast so after throwing various ideas around we have decided to block it off completely,
the radiator is poorly positioned and the wrong shape and size, so we'll be replacing it with a low, long, slim one on a different wall,
the carpet is very badly stained so is already removed,
the painted paper on the walls will have to come off, likewise the dado rail, which we are neither of us that keen on,
the walls will need to be replastered and either painted or papered,
and we think we may be able to polish up the floorboards after replacing one or two of them.
Thankfully the ceiling and coving are in good condition.

It wont be a quick job, but hopefully with Oli home to help us we should have it finished some time in the spring, so watch this space for monthly progress reports.


Ellie Foster said...

Dear Joy
It will look lovely once it is done. I wish we could share some of your enthusiasm and tackle some of the jobs in our house! I'll look forward to seeing the finished project in the Spring.
Best wishes

joy said...

Ellie, you probably wont know, but we only moved to this house in April of this year, its our dream house, just so perfect for us, and we intend to spend the rest of our lives here, so aren't we in a hurry.

Chrissys4Cards said...

Goes to show how a photo lies because it all looks perfect, When I first saw your house pictures everything looked in tip top condition. A nice project to keep you occupied in the cold winter - bet it will look smashing when done like your kitchen.

joy said...

We didn't know that the carpet was dirty from our viewing because it was covered by a rug, but we did know that the door to conservatory needed replacing from the survey, the rest of it came from just living in it for a while.

Tracy said...

sounds like you're going to be busy Joy, i can't wait to see the progress reports, we're hoping to tackle some DIY in the new year so i've no doubt there will be a few house updates from me too xx