Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Book Review, Quick & Simple Knit Hats & Scarves

I was sent this book by F+W Media for review purposes

It more or less does exactly what it says on the packet, it features 14 designs by up and coming designers. You would think that with something as basically simple as a hat or a scarf it would be difficult to come up with new and interesting designs, but this book proves me wrong on that count.

As I started to read through the book I was a bit disconcerted, as it was obviously aimed, initially, at the US market, there were one or two terms in the instructions that I was unfamiliar with. But I need not have worried, as I got to the very back of the book, pages 34 and 35, there was a double spread of General Knitting Information which gave all the necessary translation of terms, and conversion charts for needle sizes, yarn weights and metric measures - it was just a pity that this information was at the back, I would have been happier had it been at the beginning of the book, but that's just nit-picking, really.

Put that initial criticism to one side, and what you have is an interesting, well documented pattern book with lovely colour illustrations, which I would recommend to all knitters, both beginners and those more experienced.

R.R.P. for this book is £6.99, but you can buy it here for £6.06 (plus postage).

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