Sunday, 9 October 2011

Salisbury Plain

Living in Wiltshire, as we do, its very difficult to ignore the huge presence of Salisbury Plain, a vast area occupied partially by the military, and mostly out of bounds to us mere mortals. You can read a very comprehensive piece about it here.
It is possible, in some places, to drive right up to the Ridgeway which runs along the top of the north facing escarpment, with some fabulous views over Pewsey Vale to the north, and right along the edge of the military area to the south - this is where we went one lunchtime last week to have a picnic (in the car, I hasten to add!)

The Ridgeway, looking westwards

The vedette.

make no mistake, they mean this

I dont think you could go much faster anyway!

nice to be able to see what it is we are missing by not being able to enter

Pewsey Vale, looking to the east

a view to the west

The lookout tower doesn't appear to be occupied, but I think we'll go now anyway.

I've just noticed the date, which for us English is 9/10/11


Eileen said...

This is a lovely post, Joy. I traced one line of my family tree back to Imber on Salisbury Plain - have you ever visited on one of the open days?

When we were at school my sister did a sponsored walk across the plain, organised by the school. Two of the teachers, believe it or not, strayed off the path and within minutes an army helicopter was hovering over them ordering them to stand still and not to move an inch and they were eventually airlifted to safety.

joy said...

no eileen, I haven't been to imber yet, may try to go when we get to warminster.
sounds like it was a lucky thing the army were watching out for strayers when the school did the sponsored walk!

Anonymous said...

I often hear what I think is the sound of bombs due to army practice over here - about 12 miles from Devizes - have always assumed it was the army. Sometimes the windows shake a little. On the other hand it may be a quarry!