Sunday, 2 October 2011

September Scavenger Hunt

A big thankyou to Kathy from Postcards from the PP for organising another scavenger hunt. If you would like to see others please click here.

1. Back to School.
I was a bit stumped for this one, my children are all grown up now, and I didn't want to go out and start photographing other peoples. So I was lucky to find these drummers practising before the Carnival procession, they are in front of the school so each one of them has their back to the school.

2. Football/soccer season.
We are armchair supporters, and watch most of our football from the comfort of our TV room rather than the terraces.

3. What's in your bag?
This is a new bag, which I've only had for a couple of weeks, hence there's not much rubbish in it yet, just 3 purses (one for notes, one for coins and one for parking coins), of course my camera (case showing), a bag of feminine supplies and a Carnival programme.

4. Relaxation
Cassie relaxing on my lap while I relax on the sofa

5. Harvest
The first of only a few home grown tomatoes this year ripening on the windowsill

6. A pile of things
We are hoping to move later this year, and I have started to pack up some things we are not likely to need soon and stacked them in the dining room

7. Your desk/workspace
Amazingly, quite tidy at the moment. My other workspaces are on the sofa where I knit and crochet, and the outside world where I take photos.

8. A public telephone box. This one, in the village of All Cannings, is being used as a book swap HQ.

9. Something taller than you.

10. Apples
Left at the side of the road, with a sign saying "please help yourself"

11. A road sign
At the top of Roundway Hill.

12. A view from above.
Chesil Beach


Little Blue Mouse said...

Great photos, I loved your take on back to school, very clever!

What a fantastic idea using the phone box as a book exchange (I'm presuming it's not a working phone).

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

I enjoyed your entries. Your "view from above" is lovely; really beautiful landscape!

mad about bags said...

Fab photos joy love the back to school one!!! and the pylons
i didn't manage last months hunt for some strange reason!!! must do better this month. tracy

Eileen said...

A great set of photos, Joy. The back to school one made me laugh!

Louise said...

Great photos! I saw that phone box library on the news a while ago - what a great idea!

Mel said...

Great set of photos! That is a great idea for the phone booth.

Paula said...

What a great use for a phone box. I loved looking at your photos for this month's hunt.

Jane said...

your photo of the pylons is fantastic and I love the apples too !