Monday, 24 October 2011

Week 25/52 170-176/365

Wow, dont the weeks just fly by so quickly! I'm almost halfway through this 365!

170/365 I love this image, it's painted on the side of Shane's Castle, which was once a tollhouse by the Northgate into Devizes. Now it sits between two very busy roads at a difficult junction.

171/365 Not many flowers left in the garden now, but this giant daisy is bucking the trend

172/365 I'm participating in a photography challenge devized by "A kitten called Betty", one of the subjects is "hands", this is one that I took, but not the one I posted in the challenge, which you can view here.

173/365 Minutes after a torrential downpour

174/365 Tried this new sauce, it was yummy with chicken thighs.

175/365 During wartime, when it was envisaged that the German army would invade southern Britain, The Kennet and Avon Canal was seen as a barrier to the advancement of the army by blocking all the bridges with these tank traps, most of which have just been moved to the side of the road rather than destroyed.

176/365 Funny cheesegrater face


Chrissy said...

Love the cheesegrater

handmadeharry said...

Love the first picture!! Can't believe its a painting!! Fabulous, what a talented artist!! Also think the cheese grater face is funny, thought I was the only one to see that sort of thing!!! Off to check mine ..... :)

Jennifer Kelley said...

Hey there, I'm the artist that painted the mural on Shanes Castle. (and currently lives in the basement there!) Glad you like it! I actually painted it inside on the kitchen table and then we slotted it into the old door space. Might be making a new one, as sadly the old trompe l'oile is getting a bit crackly.