Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Through the window

Through E & J's utility room window

Through E & J's kitchen window

Sunrise on E & J's lounge curtains

Through the passenger window of my car in a layby near to the M3 at Hook

Through my windscreen at the Buck Stop Services between Basingstoke and Andover on the A303

Through my windscreen in a layby on the A342 crossing Salisbury Plain near Everleigh

Sunrise through the back bedroom window at home


Elaine said...

Some great photos :)

Was I the only one who read your blog title and immediately thought of the children's TV programme Play School? Yep! This dates me :)

I guess you would say to the children .... shall we look through the Square Window :)

joy said...

I did think about making a reference to Play School, but I wasn't sure how many would remember it! I loved watching it with Ed and Tom (I was quite upset a few years ago going to a panto with Alex and Oli to see Brian Cant was an old man!)

Chrissy said...

OOh I remember play school well too. Showing my age I guess. Nice inspirational shots