Monday, 26 September 2011

Week 21/52 142-148/365

142/365 Cattle crossing, Dorset

143/365 Boscombe pier (from underneath)

144/365 This was chocolate sponge pudding and ice cream (and it was delicious)

145/365 Flower border

146/365 A pupating caterpillar

147/365 A cygnet

148/365 From the top of Westbury Hill


Chrissy said...

Love looking at your photos, as always

handmadeharry said...

Lovely photos as always!! How is your photographic course going, or have you finished it now?? Wish I could visit some of these places, I miss 'hills' living in Norfolk!!! Did you not take a 'before' picture of the chocolate sponge pudding??!!! Maybe the lure was too quick for you to get the camera out!! ha ha!! :)x