Sunday, 4 September 2011

Week 18/52 120-126/365

120/365 As a Fulham supporter, its quite sad to see them getting off to such a bad start to the season, but at least they are above Arsenal in the table (sorry Janice)

121/365 Bank Holiday Monday was the day of the Devizes Street Festival, with all sorts of wonderful things going on all day. I loved the look on this little girl's face as she stroked the sheep

122/365 I didn't grow many vegetables this year, but we did have enough of our own potatoes for one meal!

123/365 For someone who professes to be a country girl, I'm pretty rubbish at wild flower recognition. This one was beside the footpath as we climbed Echilhampton Hill, one of our regular lunchtime outings, anyone able to tell me what its called?

124/365 This is a very small self-seeded sunflower in a pot, rather than a giant bee

125/365 Another of our regular spots is the top of Roundway Hill, a very peaceful place to be on a warm and sunny day

126/365 Devizes Carnival Day, which will have a blog post of its own within a day or two, a fabulous steel band.


Nicky said...

Joy, the flower is a beautiful wild scabious. love catching up with your photos. hope you are all well. nicky

Anonymous said...

Joy when i look at your photos you make me so jealous of where you live. I'm kind of in the country but also borderline town and have the motorway as a neighbour and woodland to the back.

joy said...

Thanks for the flower info Nicky, we are all well thanks.
Carol, Rog and I lived in suburban Surrey for many years before we were able to realize our dream of moving to Wiltshire for some well earned peace and quiet now we are in our 60s and retired. It is a lovely place to be, mostly unspoiled, but we worked hard to get here, and I'm sure you'll find somewhere to retire to when the time comes.