Sunday, 13 May 2012

Challenge 26 Unseen perspective

I've been pretty remiss at joining in with Karen's Challenge 26, but now we are settled into our new home I think I'll have time to join in more often. The current challenge is to capture things from an unseen perspective, so here are my three.

1. Along the bottom of the towel rail

2. The sink from below

3. The over-table light from below


karen said...

Hi Joy, thanks for taking part. Really like all of these and struggling to pick a favourite torn between the towel rail and the sink. Really like your thinking with the sink one so guess it will be that one. Nice exposure and composition on all three. A lovely set of imagaes.
Hope you enjoyed it. Feet next. x

Louise said...

Really good ideas here Joy. I had to look again at your towel rail one. Glad to hear you have settled into your new home x

Eileen said...

Great ideas Joy. I like the first one best - the way the lines in the image converge satisfies something in my brain!