Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Greetings from Warminster

By the way, the title that you see for my blog now comes up as *, and thats because I made the title picture with the text on Photoshop, but blogger wouldn't let me leave the title blank, for obvious reasons, so I had to put something, and the * doesn't show up too badly in the photo, so please remember guys, when you see * its me, please keep reading.

So here we are in our new house, we've been here just over a week now and its felt like home from day zero (can you guess now how my new name came about?). We have internet connection, we have telephone, we have catflaps, we have showers that actually wash you with a reasonable flow of hot water (unlike our previous house, where they were more like a dribble), we have a working kitchen and a working laundry room, curtains up at most of the windows, a very accessible well fitted and boarded loft, and a nice - if rather expensive - local just a five minute walk away. Facebook friends will also have seen pictures of my very pleasant walk home from the supermarket and my new studio waiting for my attention.

We still have a fair amount of unpacking to do, I'm tackling just three or four boxes a day, I should have the kitchen stuff all unpacked by tomorrow. Then I'm going to get the spare room ready for when Tom and Catherine come to stay over on their way to Cornwall towards the end of the month.

I have to say a very big thankyou to Alex, who came over and helped us on moving day, and who starts his new job at Bristol Royal Infirmary on 14th May, good luck Alex xx

No photos today, but I am taking plenty, some I have put on Facebook, which you can see here and here, I'm also participating in a Photographic Challenge this month over at A Kitten Called Betty, if you are on Facebook and would like to join in please ask, this months challenge is called "A-Z".

Back soon,

Joy xx


Tracy said...

I love the new header joy very fresh (as a daisy!) I'm so glad to hear you and roger have settled so well into your new home and I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of the area and the house as your unpacking continues.

Patricia said...

Welcome to your new home and hope you'll be very happy there. It sounds wonderful where you are and can't wait to see some photos. Patricia

tazbride said...

Love the header Joy x Glad to here you are enjoying your new home

Busy Little Chicken said...

How organized you are!!Welcome to your new pad, Glad all is going well :) New header is great, I really love the daisies, is this taken in your new garden??

joy said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone, yes, the daisies are in our new garden, I had to get them quick as Rog is threatening to cut the grass if it ever dries out enough!

Elaine said...

Welcome to your new home.

Glad to hear you're settling in well.

The Daisy border looks great :)