Monday, 29 April 2013

April Scavenger Hunt

Thanks once again to Greenthumb, Made With Love, for this month's Scavenger Hunt list. Pop along to her blog for the linky to view all the other entrants.

Here are mine:

1) Pink

A little girl's glove lying on the grass at the bottom of the hill.

2) Six

a set of 6 tulip wine glasses, which I've had since 1968

3) Your city/town

This is where I live, Warminster, on the edge of Salisbury Plain (the white area to the top and right of the map).

4) Sport

We are armchair sport watchers

5) Night light

My studio entrance after dark

6) Something you collect

books, fabric, yarn, momentos, postcards, beer mats, you name it

7) Big

The hill I have to climb to get home from the park

8) Dinner

Cassie's, not ours.

9) Texture

Dining room curtain and tie-back

10) Curl

Morning Glory curling around the support canes

11) Take off

Gave GM a haircut

12) Plastic

One of our garden chairs, after a shower.


karen said...

Great selection of photos. Glad you clarified the dinner!! x

Little Blue Mouse said...

Ha ha I love 'take off'!

greenthumb said...

Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, I really like you plastic, curl and your city photos. Greenthumb

Louise said...

Great set of photos. I love the curl and the pink glove!

Fundy Blue said...

Hi Joy! This is my second time participating in the scavenger hunt, so I'm still figuring things out! I'm going to have to call myself Fundy Blue in the future because there is another Louise. How fun to see your collection of pictures ~ especially Dinner! I could use some morning glories right now. We're expecting another snowstorm in Colorado tonight!

Lizzy said...

Your Morning Glory are doing well, mime haven't started to climb yet!

Rose Fern said...

I like the texture photo a lot! Glad that wasn't your dinner! You had me there for a moment!

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Lovely collection of photos. x

SmallP said...

Lovely photos. And what a lovely place to live. Wiltshire is one of my favourite counties :-)


Hannah Brooker said...

Nice set of photos Joy :) x

Paula said...

I like the shape of your glasses, they're very pretty and unusual.

katysclutter said...

Great Take-off!