Monday, 1 April 2013

Once a month for a whole year, month 8, April

View 1, the garden,

Not much change, the further raised bed is finished and waiting for the soil to warm up. The closer raised bed is a W.I.P. and is almost ready for use. Note the frozen pool of water in the black polythene cover! Brrrrr.

with March's view for comparison

View 2, the park

with daffodils in bloom at the bottom of the hill.

March's view for comparison

Dont the April pictures look a little bit warmer, just because the sun is shining? I'm hoping that by the beginning of May there will be more noticeable differences.


Patricia said...

Definitely a bit of warmth in those April pictures. Lets hope it's all change now on the weather front x

Mum said...

Roll on spring weather.
Love from Mum