Thursday, 25 February 2010

back home

This is the lovely HENNIE, the first of the personalized slim-me dolls that I am making for the participants of the MISI slimathon
newly listed in my MISI shop is this lovely stole, in shades of deep pink, it would be great for spring evenings or for the school prom.

another listing is this bright red and extremely cheerful choker

and last, but not least, a set of four hand crocheted circular coasters

I have been away for what seems like ages, and its great to be back home and crafting again. I had a lovely few days in Surrey with my two older sons and their partners, but sadly missed out on seeing the grandchildren as they were both poorly, and I didn't want to risk catching a tummy bug. My second trip was a quick flying overnight stay in Devon with my Mum to attend my elderly aunt's funeral. Sad as the occasion was it was lovely to meet up with cousins, we are all spread around the country and dont see one another very often.
if you have reached this far in my blog, please pop into the comments section and just say hello, as I would really love to know how many of you actually read this. thanks.


hennie said...

Oh Joy, I look lovely, thanks so much.

RosyTint said...

Great 'hennie' doll!