Monday, 15 February 2010

I have been watching these cygnets on the crammer, our pond on the green, for several months now, and yesterday morning, at midday, they were all three of them asleep on the pavement, right next to the main road, hardly noticing the sunday lunchtime traffic.

this is the newest listing in my malebox shop, a black and white mens tie

I bought these labels last week, to sew into my knitteds. they are exactly the same as the name tags my mum used to sew into my school uniform back in the 50s!

not much else to blog about this week, the car sold on thursday to a lovely couple, so pleased to know my beloved hermione has gone to a nice home (yes, stupid, I know, but I do name and get attached to my cars).
the coming week is going to be busy, I travel to surrey to visit the elder two sons, partners and grandsons on wednesday, back on friday for the slimathon weigh-in on saturday and then off to devon sunday afternoon for a funeral monday and back home tuesday. several hundred miles will pass under the wheels ere I blog again.

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RosyTint said...

It always makes me nervous to see ducks or swans near the road, for their sake but these don't seem worried at all!

Love your labels.Looks like your going to be very busy.