Monday, 8 February 2010

the ups and downs of everyday life

part 1, the downs
first down the horrible fence we inherited when we came here.

second down the awful wall outside the back door. the top is coming off to make it lower, then its being capped and pebbledashed to make it a bit less of an eyesore, part of it is down already.

third down was the wretched people who wasted 4 hours of our life yesterday - they came to view the car we have for sale. said they would arrive at midday and finally turned up at 2pm, 2 hours wasted waiting. then they took 2 hours of picking the car over with a fine toothcomb, took it out for a half hour test drive!!!
and after all that said they would get back to us, which of course they didn't, another 2 hours wasted. some people really need to get a life rather than waste other peoples.
cross, cross, cross.
please come back tomorrow for the ups

1 comment:

RosyTint said...

Sell your car on ebay and then you won't get the time wasters.
Can't wait to see the ups!