Wednesday, 3 February 2010

who am I?

when I was born I was named joyce may davidson, and thats who I was all through my childhood and teens, except to family and friends who called me joy, and when I was naughty I was JOYCE!!
in 1968 I got married for the first time and I became joyce may poole, but was still called joy by family and friends, and my offical title was the mrs half of mr. and mrs. s.w. poole.
in 1988 I got married for the second time and I became joyce may shallcross, by this time my official title was also mrs joyce m. shallcross, but my dear, since departed, mother-in-law used to send any mail to me addressed to mrs roger shallcross - to which I strongly objected (but not to her face, of course). the only other names I had were mum from the kids, nanny joy from the grandkids, and sausage from the other half (he insists its a term of endearment!).
now in 2010 I am joyknitt on here, I am shallxjoy and joyknitt on ebay, joy shallcross and joyknitt on facebook, joyknitt and malebox on MISI, treetoppers on a couple of other websites and phoenix trader 21910 in my day job. I hope to be sticking around for a few more years yet, so goodness knows how many more names I shall have by the time I finally kick the bucket.
so if you happen to be around at the time to read my gravestone, it will probably say "here lies a very confused lady"

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RosyTint said...

Love it! It's amazing how many online names we need to keep track of these days.
'sausage' LOL that's great Joy!!