Monday, 9 May 2011

Forest of Dean, day one

Rog and I have been away for a few days of peace and quiet in the Forest of Dean, which is completely new territory for us. As we were passing Bristol on our way we popped in to meet up with Alex and take him out for lunch.
As we left Bristol we passed right by Filton Airfield (Airport?) and if I had been a bit quicker off the mark I could have taken a snap of Concorde - one of this months subjects for the photographic challenge on Facebook is aeroplanes, and I was a bit miffed to miss an opportunity like that! Oh well, never mind (worse things happen at sea as Rog is always telling me).

Here are some of the shots I did manage to take on our first day.
The new(ish) Severn Bridge from the older Severn Bridge.

In the middle of Chepstow

We stopped just outside Lydney at the Forest of Dean Steam Railway, no steam running on that day, but we did see this old deisel - I was never very fond of deisel engines, but this one was quite brightly painted.

We popped in to the Railway Museum, where we saw this row of old telephones, and behind the glass an old telephone exchange (plus a Rog lookalike!)

Our digs for the next few days, highly recommended

Just outside the digs was this signpost, so after a quick shower and a bit of a rest we walked to Joyford . . . .

. . . . where we found the Dog and Muffler, which sold beer from the local brewery, this one is called Butty Bach, and I'm not ashamed to admit that several pints of this amber nectar passed my lips while we were in the area.

More tomorrow


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Well I am glad you sobered up enough to take the fab pictures! hic..

niftyknits said...

I thought concorde long gone, but isn't it annoying when something comes along on one of those rare moments when the camera isn't to hand?

Rachael said...

I lived the first fifteen years of my life in Filton and remember having to sit in the school classroom with the noise of Concorde's engines being tested. My, my what a very long time ago.
Great pics as always!