Sunday, 15 May 2011

Week 2/52 8-14/365

8/365 Lots of birthday cards to open when we got home

9/365 Last year my friend Jean gave me some bulbs, I put them in my front border, and now here they are, cant remember the name of them though, so if anyone can help?

10/365 A lovely paeony in my back garden after a shower of rain

11/365 One of my sister's dogs, Dilys, a gorgeous Tibetan terrier

12/365 Market day in Devizes

13/365 From the top of Roundway Hill, looking across to Milk Hill, the highest spot in Wiltshire, the camera couldn't quite pick up the hanggliders that were taking advantage of the thermals

14/365 The funfair comes to town


Rachael said...

Some really interesting and nice photos to see Joy.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo's as alwasy Joy. Loving the doggie :)

Carol x