Thursday, 12 May 2011

Forest of Dean, day two, the climb

It seemed a bit silly to put pictures of the bottom at the top, and pictures of the top at the bottom, so in order to view the climb in chronological order you need to scroll to the bottom of this blog and work your way up, its only approximately 500 feet, and took us just over an hour to complete. Sometimes I was in front, sometimes he was in front, we saw no more than six other people on the climb, two coming down and four young lads passed us almost running up! Strange to think that it was over a week ago now, the muscles in the back of my legs are still complaining!
It took me an age to upload these pictures, so please at least take a look, thanks.


niftyknits said...

Oh my goodness Joy - I see why you were upset when this post vanished! My arthritic knees are groaning in sympathy with you, but what a great walk. I hope you luxuriated in a bubble bath afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics Joy! I think I did this walk once with my parents and sister years ago!

C x

Chrissy said...

Wow you two are so fit. What a climb and walk - fabulous pictures

Rachael said...

I was not expecting to have to scroll quite as far! It's really nice to see the photos and I'm sure the woods sounded nice as you walked along but it's not the type of walk I enjoy but I've enjoyed viewing your photos. Well done on achieving your target.