Friday, 19 August 2011


Yesterday we took Oli back to Bournemouth for his third and final year at Uni. Previously when we've been to Bournemouth we visited the beach to dip our toes in the water, have an ice-cream (me) and a beer (Rog), and generally make a nice day out of the trip. But yesterday, well, we couldn't have picked a worse day to go! It rained heavily almost all day, we could see the River Avon between Fordingbridge and Ringwood almost bursting its banks, traffic in town was practically gridlocked as the Air Show was scheduled, although the start was delayed due to the unseasonally bad weather, but there was still plenty of traffic around. As Oli has lived down there for a couple of years now he was able to navigate us around via back streets and whatever until we reached his new digs. We offloaded him as quickly as we could, although by this time the rain had eased off a bit and was thankfully only a mild drizzle, and then followed our noses to make our way back to the A338 and head off home.

So, many apologies, no nice pictures of Boscombe beach, or my ice-cream or anything else seaside related!

Instead, here are some pictures of my garden, taken this morning on what was an incredibly Autumnal start to the day.


Elaine said...

You are lucky you didn't get caught up in the flooding in Bournemouth. Today's paper had some terrible pictures of water running down the streets and descriptions of flood water being a few feet in depth!

joy said...

yes, that was nearer the seafront, where the river runs through town, and was also affected by incoming tide. we were further out, the other side of the main through route, but we did see some roads that went under the main road were closed off as filled with water!
silly thing is we were originally going to take him today, but as the room was available from lunchtime yesterday and his mates were moving in, he wanted to go yesterday. today would have been a lovely day for a seaside trip!