Saturday, 6 August 2011

Week 14/52 92-98/365

In to week 14 now, and over a quarter of the 365 challenge is complete.

92/365 Annual sweetpeas just about to open, I had a few seeds left over and just threw them on to the soil, not really expecting much, but here they are.

93/365 With a house move on the cards within the next couple of months, its about time for a bit of a sort-out. Here are my remaining shoes neatly stacked, after sending several pairs to Oxfam.

94/365 We announce to the world that we are off and away.

95/365 Meet up with my friend Jean for a cuppa and some chat at the White Bear Hotel, a thoroughly enjoyable morning.

96/365 The Shambles is Devizes's indoor market hall, and is currently undergoing a make-over.

97/365 Our first ever encounter with a crop circle

98/365 I love reading Caitlin Moran, I wish I could get inside her head and understand her a bit more. I've just bought this book, and as I'm off away to Surrey for a few days to visit family and friends, I shall take it with me as bedtime reading, and may do a review of it when I've finished.

See you when I get back.

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Rachael said...

I've lost touch with what you've been up too Joy as I've been busy with our new puppy. I'm pleased for you that you have sold your bungalow so quickly and hope all goes to plan for you.