Monday, 1 August 2011

July Scavenger Hunt

Many thanks to Kathy of Postcards from the PP for another great list of subjects for this months Scavenger Hunt.

1) Red, white and blue.

2) Flipflops (more red, white and blue)

3) Ice cream (just white and blue) I took this photo in June, but I love it so included it anyway.

4) Strawberries (red), the last ones left in my porch.

5) A flag - had to wait ages for the wind to drop so it hung down enough to be readable (and I've just noticed that its also red, white and blue)

6) Fields, on Salisbury Plain (white and blue, again)

7) Celebration - my best friend's birthday

8) Sea shells, sorry folks, the end of this month has been so busy (and exciting) I simply haven't had time to seek these out.

9) Stars (red, white and blue again)

10) Stripes (red and white, but no blue)

11) A kite - well, a few kites.

12) Something, other than a person or an animal, that makes you happy. I absolutely love the music of both Mozart and Beethoven, and listening to either makes me incredibly happy.


Eileen said...

Hi Joy. Thanks for your kind comments on my post. Yes, we are close to each other ... I live in Trowbridge. Good news about the house - Market Lavington is lovely.

I like your photos. Where is the blue building in your red, white and blue photo?

Louise said...

I have enjoyed your photos again! I hoped to see a real kite for the photo - as in the bird - but the odds weren't great and I didn't find one!

Kathy said...

Hi there, I sense a colour theme going on this month!!! I love your first photo ... just perfect. I found the kite the hardest one to do this month.
Thanks for joining in!

Sandra said...

Just found you via Postcards from the PP... Love these photos, my favourites are the first one and that shot of the ice cream - perfect with the sea in the background :-)

Little Blue Mouse said...

Great photos, I especially like the fields one with the lovely sky.

joy said...

thanks, all for your comments.
eileen, the blue house is in long street, devizes. it was in the local paper a few months ago because the council objected to the colour (being too dark), but the neighbours all wrote in favour of it so the council have withdrawn their objections and let it stand.

Mel said...

Hi Joy! I really like the ice cream photo.

Glo said...

Lovely photos and such fun seeing what each photo scavenger hunter found!