Sunday, 21 August 2011

Week 16/52 106-112/365

106/365. All Cannings is a village about 5 miles out of Devizes in the Pewsey Vale, we go there approximately once a month for a beer at the Kings Arms which happens to be one of the best pubs around. Like all the local out-of-town pubs it's quite expensive, which is why we dont go more often. The unused BT phone box in the village has been put to use in an interesting way, it's the HQ of the village book-swap.

107/365. One of the petunias in my hanging basket.

108/365. As I'll be starting to pack soon in preparation for our house move, I left this sign on the fridge, near to the newspaper recycle box. Someone with a sense of humour wrote the additional comments.

109/365. One of the best sunrises so far this year.

110/365. This book turned up in the post, I didn't order it or pay for it, it just turned up. If anyone out there knows who sent it to me or why, please let me know. I have started to read it.

111/365. Sunset

112/365. An autumnal morning


Eileen said...

Lovely photos, Joy. I'v seen the phone box in All Cannings - a brilliant idea.

Chrissy said...

Love your pictures - so inspiring. That book looks rather interesting too - you must give us an appraise when finished

Elaine said...

Great photos Joy.

You must be bursting with curiosity to know who sent you the book!! I know I would be!

It certainly sounds interesting.