Sunday, 31 July 2011

Week 13/52 85-91/365

I can best describe this past week as having been "interesting" on the domestic front, more on this subject will follow in a later blog, in the mean time here are my photos for the week.

85/365 A random shot of the buddlleia

86/365 Now kids, you must make sure you wash behind your ears

87/365 Paid a visit here, OUCH

88/365 My previous blog is all about this gorgeous chap, who came home for a bit of TLC

89/365 We received an offer on our house, which was increased enough for us to accept, we viewed this house and made an offer, which was accepted after a slight increase, so now we are in a sale chain - these few words can, in no way, convey the fraughtness of the day, but the outcome was the right one.

90/365 Finished this baby blanket, and its about to go on sale in my Folksy shop

91/365 A random shot of a cosmos in my garden


Chrissy said...

Hope it all works out well for you Joy - house moving must be at the top of one of the most stressful life events - fingers crossed it turns out smoothly for you both

Just K Jewellery said...

good luck on the moving front - fingers crossed everything goes smoothly