Monday, 25 July 2011

Crafty People

Having made quite a few baby blankets over recent months, I thought it was about time to tackle a larger one, and this time I am making it for ME.
I started using up yarn from stock, 36 centres, using pastel shades, white and beige.

Time, then, for some new yarn to finish them off. I bought this from the lovely Carol, at Crafty People, you can visit her eBay shop here, read her blog here and "like" her facebook page here

I've been following Carol for a couple of years now, when I first discovered her she was working full time and blogging about her dream of owning and running a successful business, and at the same time knitting the most amazing baby clothing I have ever seen. Since then she was made redundant and has followed her dream, she now sells yarn and her fabulous knitted items, and her business is growing from strength to strength. Her prices are very competetive, and her customer service is second to none.


GiddyStuff said...

Wow, i'm impressed with all those squares! I've bought some yarn to do the same, just need to start crocheting now!

Crafty People said...

Thank you very much for the mention Joy. Can't wait to see your finished blanket x